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Laser Stencils in Stencil-POOL

This special offer is for people who have prepared their files in the extended Gerber format as per our example.


  • Stainless Steel, mechanically finished.
  • Maximum stencil size: 270mm x 210mm.
  • Material thickness a choice of:100µm, 127µm, 150µm, 180µm or 200µm.
  • Contour, half lasered text and SMD pads are generated by the customer.

The following options are included

  • Up to 500 pads.
  • Up to 25 lasered text characters (excluding text from Beta LAYOUT)
  • Up to 4 half lasered fiducials.
  • Finishing process included.


If you have ordered a PCB and a stencil, we can ship them together, so there will be only one delivery charge.

If your stencil is larger,or you would like a thicker material, you need more pads/fiducials/ the data is in another fomat, then our Non-POOL option is for you.